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We are pleased to present our newest acquisition, the Agilent 5975C Mass Spectrometer equipped with inert MSD with triple axis detector which is equipped to analyze TO-15 for vapor samples.

The Maryland Spectral Services laboratory is equipped with modern analytical and support equipment. All instruments are operated under a strict calibration and maintenance program to ensure reliable data generation and to avoid disruption of service. Preventative maintenance is performed in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations by qualified MSS personnel. A supply of replacement parts and circuit boards is maintained on site to ensure timely repairs.

Computerized instrumentation is used as much as possible to minimize manual data handling and manipulation. The analytical data are processed by dedicated data systems or stand-alone personal computers (PC). GC/MS data are collected by data systems running Finnigan SuperIncos software on Data General Nova computers and Agilent ChemStation software on an H-P PC. GC and HPLC data are acquired and processed in real time by Chrom Perfect (Justice Innovations), a chromatography data handling system running on IBM-compatible PCs. Data from the IR spectrophotometer are reduced by an onboard microprocessor. The GC/MS data is organized, managed, and reported using Finnigan System J databases on IBM-compatible PCs.

We are equipped to handle a wide variety of environmental analyses for water, soil, or air. Below is a link to a comprehensive list of the analyses that we offer and a helpful sampling guide to the appropriate containers required for each sample.

Sampling Guide